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Pros and Cons of Linux Hosting

When choosing your webhosting package you should think about what software or platform you are going to use. Linux is different from Windows web hosting. Currently, Linux and Windows are the main operating systems on the market. There are many pros and cons to using Linux but the experience may differ with each user.

Linux is one of the oldest operating systems in the history of computers. Both Windows and Linux evolved from UNIX, However, Linux is the direct result of what the original Linux platform was.

UNIX is the most widely used operating system on the net. UNIX is responsible for running super computers and a wide variety of technology aside from computers such as mobile phones and other electronics.


Linux is open source software. This means it is a cheaper option as you can download parts of the software free. Linux is compatible with many features and has software that would run on Windows. This is helpful when thinking of building a website, especially when using types of databases and ad on programs to your website. Linux is compatible with script such as MySQL, Perl and PHP. These are essential for setting up any website on a server.

Linux has a wide variety of software that is compatible and will run well on its platform. It is user-friendly and has recently been gaining popularity. Some database software options will run on Linux and are far superior to databases that will run on Windows platforms. However, this should not be the sole reason to change your operating system, but it is something to bear in mind when starting out.


Linux has a good reputation and is well known for being a very secure option. Windows can be very secure if managed correctly. Linux hosting services will provide similar services to other hosting servers on the internet. However, they may be more affordable. After all, all kinds of hosting will provide a promise of reliability, and technical support, but not all at the same price.


If you are not a previous Linux user, it will be bothersome to change your software. A few software programs are compatible with both Windows and Linux. You should choose which platform you prefer and stick to it in order to prevent any loss of data or software confusion.

If you have never used Linux before, it could be tiring to learn the new platform and the software that comes with it. However, if you are willing to spare the time, it could be beneficial to learn, as there are many online tutorials and Linux provides help tools. If either Linux or Windows is your chosen platform, you will be using the same FTP function and internet browser to communicate and upload to your site. This process will not change if you change to Linux.

Both Windows and Linux are equally impressive as a workable platforms, neither one is better. Both have a wealth of impressive software to consider. The trick is to try both Linux and Windows and then decide.

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Benefits of Linux Hosting

Linux hosting servers have increased in recent years. In the internet world, an excess of 60 percent network servers are based on the Linux operating system. One of the most important reasons why this is the case is because of the very low cost of having Linux as an operating system. One may question why this is the case. It is because Linux is an open source software project. Under the terms of agreement of the Licence for Linux, the OS can be adapted by absolutely anyone without cost.

Linux has created the project whereby software code writers worldwide are able to contribute to its development and evolution that makes it unique. This is a very different story from operations like Microsoft.

There was a lot of skepticism initially when Linux took on this project but it turned out to be to the contrary of what people had predicted. It turned out that many found the Linux Operating System to be very stable and reliable.

Following this, many web-hosting companies realised the feasibility of having Linux as their operating system. Furthermore, they found it easy to install, use and maintain. It proved to be a powerful, yet a stable system that is also reliable and safe. A notable aspect about Linux that most of its clients have commented upon is the fact that it has had the input from various individual that makes it a novelty amongst operating systems.

The advantages offered by the Linux operating system is an attraction to web hosting companies, webmasters and novice web developers. One of the most reliable aspects of Linux as an operating system is that Linux has been said to be very resistant to virus attacks. This is because Linux has very good security features. In addition, with the advent of virus writers who try to attach websites on a daily basis, what better security to have than an operating system that is resistant to virus attacks?

There is also a feature in Linux that creates walls and entry permission system that does not allow access by visitors that are unwanted or viruses.  Those who use the Linux operating system can select and download safely software without any charges from online sources. There is no necessity to provide any credit card details or personal information that is sensitive.

The other important aspect is the flexibility that is allowed by this operating system. If one develops software that needs knowledge or changes in the operating system code, Linux’s code is the thing that is needed because most of Linux’s applications are open source.

Nowadays, with the combination of cheap computers and free Linux operating system, it is a good package to provide a very sensible solution for home / office use and also for a large multipurpose business. At first, it may seem difficult to know what is required from the various resources offered by Linux, but with enough research online, there are many guidelines to assist in the search for the right package.

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Great Reasons to Use Linux Hosting for Your Website or Blog

When thinking of using any webhosting service, users should consider whether they wish to use Windows or Linux platforms.  Deciding this will make the entire process run a lot smoother and help webmasters get the best from their chosen service.

Benefits to using Linux

Linux is cheap to install.  It is easy to start, run, and manage.  However if you are a Windows user, you will have to learn how to use the new platform.  This is not difficult and there are many resources online to aid you.  If you wish to continue using Windows and simply use a Linux hosting service, you do not need to learn a new operating system.

Price and popularity

Linux operating system is just as popular as Windows.  Linux is the most popular system for webhosting online mostly because it is “open source” software that is easily obtainable and can be easily adapted to suit user and hosting needs.  Linux allows for great software flexibility and is popular among large companies.  Because Linux is open source, it is available to many people, who can view its source or code.  This allows the software to be improved all the time through a variety of people pointing out bugs and amending its services, options, and performance.  It is effectively monitored by a large amount of web users.  This grand scale monitoring gives it an incredible transparency over Windows.  Linux is software that is being developed by its users and its makers all the time.


If you design a website in Linux, you will encounter fewer problems when uploading your site onto a website through a hosting server.  This is because most hosting servers are already using Linux.  However, this is not to say that if you upload a Windows website on a Linux webhost, you will encounter problems.  Linux is more widely used among large companies and webhosting, and Windows is more widely used by individual consumers.

Ease of access

It is just as easy to transfer files with Linux as it is with Windows, and both operating systems maintain a similar method for uploading files through FTP software when placing files on a web server.


One of the biggest reasons for using Linux is its power in dealing with databases.  MySQL databases are compatible with both Linux and Windows, but more popular on Linux.  MySQL is the most widely used database system online and the most effective way to keep data.  It is more common for Windows to use Access.


Security is stronger with Linux, but it is widely argued that Windows, if administered well, is just as safe.  There are a variety of effective options to help you make your PC and website more secure using Linux.  Well-known Linux hosting servers have developed a fantastic reputation for providing good security to their users.

Linux is a more widely used hosting service than that of Windows, and if given the choice, users may want to opt for Linux hosting.  Linux hosting is the same price as Windows hosting.  It is a good idea to learn both Linux and Windows if you are a serious webmaster.

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Windows or Linux Hosting?

Choosing the right operating system to run the web server to hosting one’s website is complicated, but not if it can be determined from the outset on what is actually required by the potential website. The function of the operating system is to control the server that hosts the website. Therefore, it is important that attention is paid to the type of system that is picked to host the website.

The main choices are usually Linux, Windows and Unix. However, the most popular choice usually squares down to the two of the three mentioned.

Window’s operating system has been said to have a very user-friendly interface, making it easy even for the information technology novice to use it. Another fact is that its ability to work together with other affiliate programs developed by Microsoft along with the range available makes it very impressive and convenient to use. Window’s key winning point amongst its clients is the support they provide for Active Server Pages on ASP.Net. This web development language is a product of Microsoft that allows web pages to be linked to Structured Query Language databases. It also allows for the websites to function with other systems.

Unix, is the operating system that was developed in the initial stages of the internet and because of its certain special functions, it is still used today. Linux was developed based on Unix’s platform and that is why both systems share some similarities. Linux, today, is the system that is popularly used on servers. This is mainly because of the higher costs for licensing that is related to Unix.

Linux web hosting has its valid points in ensuring that the website it hosts functions without any glitches. It has also been voted to be a popular choice for web serving, emailing and streaming. It is also more popular due to the cheap packages that are being offered, the allowance for the websites development without much added charges, hence increasingly attracting new internet entrepreneurs.

Here are some comparisons that have been made between Linux and Windows as operating systems.


Linux used to be seen as a more reliable system compared to Windows. However, as Windows continues to evolve, nowadays, the both seem to be similar to each other regarding this aspect.

Web Programming

One may start a website with very simple script. Yet later on, as the traffic increases there may be a decision to host ecommerce sites. Between the two systems, none of them has any problem delivering java scripts.

Supporting java scripts is not a topic to be argued upon as they are executed on the client side (the user’s web browser) and both Linux and Windows have no problem feeding this content to your visitors. However, when it comes to front-page extensions, Linux does a better job. If Perl is the choice of language then Linux should be chosen.


Linux is by far the cheaper hosting website. The most important reason why is because of its cost of licensing which is evidently cheaper than Windows.


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Issues to Consider with Linux Hosting

People have various reasons for choosing their web hosting to be carried out on servers with specific requirements. Three very important reasons for individuals or e-commerce websites are whether the website has good performance, whether information remains secure and whether they have enough control over the website. A dedicated and established server will provide all three in a way that will satisfy its customers. After having decided on a particular server, the next step is to look into the specific features being offered by the server. It is imperative that the prospective client carries out assessments on the servers that are being considered, and to see if the projections offered by the servers provide the option for websites to develop.

There is not a particular formula to evaluate the specifications required of a server. The specifications needed would depend on what is needed by the website and if there are prospects for it to develop and if there is going to be an increase in traffic, pages, etc. It is advisable to obtain specification projecting the use of the website for a year this is because upgrading the website within this term will be very costly.

When one is carrying out research on which web-hosting server to use, five factors have to be looked into. First is the operating system of the server. The programming language being utilized is what has to be considered. Some servers use both Windows and Linux but lately Linux has been a popular choice because of the resources it offers. It is also important to see if the processor is able to take on the capacity of the traffic.

The processes that have to be handled by the website will be the main consideration. A website that hosts games or chats will require a very powerful processor because there will be multiple users on the website with high traffic of data. In these types of websites, large bandwidth is also very important so that the website will be prepared for a higher usage, in anticipation of higher traffic and increased data volume. Subsequently, this will be reflected in the opinion of those who visit the websites hosted by these servers. This is especially so for gamers and those who frequently download data like music, pictures or videos.

Considerations would also have to be made in relation to the amount of memory required to ensure that the websites will load quickly. Storage space is also an important consideration because websites that have large data collection will need higher storage space.

It is important to ensure that the website has enough capacity for the five factors mentioned so that it performs satisfactorily. However, having said that, although having ample capacity is an important factor to consider, having too much capacity is not necessary. This is because it is only going to burn a hole in the client’s pockets. Other issues that a prospective client would have to consider are whether there is sufficient support offered by the web hosting service. Finally yet importantly, the price will have to be reasonable.

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How to Choose the Right Linux Hosting Service

Many people have toyed around with the idea of starting up an online business. If a person is serious about starting an online business, it would be even better if there is a niche idea to back it up. This is because an idea that has not been exploited by anyone else is sure to yield a very good profit. The other factor that is important for an online business is the web hosting service that will house online moneymaking website of the enterprise. There are many web-hosting services out there, but the one that is most recommended is a Linux hosting service.

The best place to start looking for a Linux hosting service is on a review site like The reason Linux hosting services are commonly found on the internet is because the target audience of Linux is internet users. Hence, Linux will have to provide a competitive price when providing quotations to its prospective customers. If the research is done on stores or companies that offer web creating and hosting services, then it is possible that the entity offering the service is not going to be able to match the excellent prices that are usually found on the internet.  Nowadays, one is also able to compare the prices of various hosting services on the internet and is able to obtain the specific type of package for the best price possible.

The type of package one goes for will depend on the type of website that is to be hosted. For example, if the website is to be used for marketing purposes, then there is a possibility that the website will have to be up and running for a long period. If the website is for marketing purposes, then one would not want a website that constantly breaks down or gets interrupted because this does not provide a very professional outlook for the website. Those visiting the website will be put off and just go on to another website that has lesser interruptions. It will also make the website seem as if it is unreliable.

Once research has begun on the offers available, it will be apparent that there are some standard packages that will be offered. One will have to scrutinize these packages to ensure that they match the requirements of the website that is being built. Particular attention has to be paid to the bandwidth and storage space that is being obtained. This will ensure that the visitors to the website will enjoy an uninterrupted surfing experience.

If one decides to opt for a Linux hosting server, many resources within the service that are offered. Therefore, even if there are a high number of people attracted to the website, the server will not crash if it is maintained by the Linux server.

Linux hosting servers are usually low in cost and reliable. There is not a requirement to pay additional fees for licenses because Linux does not have any licenses. Linux hosting servers usually offer support for PHP and Perl.


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Types and Benefits of Linux Hosting

Linux web hosting is a very popular option since the Linux platform has many advantages. Although both Windows and Linux are equally popular on the market, there are some advantages to using Linux as a web hosting service provider or as an operating system on your PC.

Types of Linux Hosting

There are a few types of Linux hosting online. The web hosting industry in general is highly competitive and effectively tailored to provide you with a solution to your needs. All Linux hosting types come equipped with options to help users get the best from their hosting experience.

CentOS is one of the most popular of all the Linux platforms. It has a large community of users and a good reputation for performance. It was developed by Red Hat enterprises and is free software. There are many online communities dedicated in working together to address any queries.

Ubuntu is free software. Its name is based on the South African word and is the most popular readily available version of Linux. It is free and easy to install and comes with everything one needs to effectively manage a webhosting server.

Kubuntu is similar to Ubuntu and can be operated with the same features. It was created for both the individual user and company users. It was created after Ubuntu and has a large community of users online.

Debian is the newest type of Linux web hosting software. It follows a similar architecture to earlier Linus software and shares an online community. It can be used as a desktop platform and as a webhosting server. It uses Linux kernel and GNU OS tools. Debian makes use of the GNOME, which runs on the desktop platform and helps the operating system manage files and select appropriate software for better file management. The GNOME is also open source software and is easily obtainable. It was designed by programmers to allow for better performance and for ‘open source’ software sharing to be readily available.  It is compatible with Linux and forms part of the Java platform.

Better Websites with Linux

Using Linux hosting for your website will allow you to purchase free open source software that is reliable and secure. Windows is more expensive to set up and is not monitored as closely by an online community. Most viruses are designed with Windows in mind; therefore, there are fewer risks to the Linux user. Linux is very functional and is developing more and more everyday with an enormity of users and programmers keeping constant tabs on how the software is working. Some technologies are not compatible with Linux such as ASP, FrontPage, NET environment, Windows Streaming media, and MSSQL.

If you are a Windows user you may still use a Linux hosting server. This will depend on what technologies you want to use on your site, however. Users should check the limits and expectations of their current web design to see if it is compatible with Linux hosting. Both Linux and Windows support PHP and MySQL.

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