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When choosing your webhosting package you should think about what software or platform you are going to use. Linux is different from Windows web hosting. Currently, Linux and Windows are the main operating systems on the market. There are many pros and cons to using Linux but the experience may differ with each user.

Linux is one of the oldest operating systems in the history of computers. Both Windows and Linux evolved from UNIX, However, Linux is the direct result of what the original Linux platform was.

UNIX is the most widely used operating system on the net. UNIX is responsible for running super computers and a wide variety of technology aside from computers such as mobile phones and other electronics.


Linux is open source software. This means it is a cheaper option as you can download parts of the software free. Linux is compatible with many features and has software that would run on Windows. This is helpful when thinking of building a website, especially when using types of databases and ad on programs to your website. Linux is compatible with script such as MySQL, Perl and PHP. These are essential for setting up any website on a server.

Linux has a wide variety of software that is compatible and will run well on its platform. It is user-friendly and has recently been gaining popularity. Some database software options will run on Linux and are far superior to databases that will run on Windows platforms. However, this should not be the sole reason to change your operating system, but it is something to bear in mind when starting out.


Linux has a good reputation and is well known for being a very secure option. Windows can be very secure if managed correctly. Linux hosting services will provide similar services to other hosting servers on the internet. However, they may be more affordable. After all, all kinds of hosting will provide a promise of reliability, and technical support, but not all at the same price.


If you are not a previous Linux user, it will be bothersome to change your software. A few software programs are compatible with both Windows and Linux. You should choose which platform you prefer and stick to it in order to prevent any loss of data or software confusion.

If you have never used Linux before, it could be tiring to learn the new platform and the software that comes with it. However, if you are willing to spare the time, it could be beneficial to learn, as there are many online tutorials and Linux provides help tools. If either Linux or Windows is your chosen platform, you will be using the same FTP function and internet browser to communicate and upload to your site. This process will not change if you change to Linux.

Both Windows and Linux are equally impressive as a workable platforms, neither one is better. Both have a wealth of impressive software to consider. The trick is to try both Linux and Windows and then decide.

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