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Types and Benefits of Linux Hosting

Linux web hosting is a very popular option since the Linux platform has many advantages. Although both Windows and Linux are equally popular on the market, there are some advantages to using Linux as a web hosting service provider or as an operating system on your PC.

Types of Linux Hosting

There are a few types of Linux hosting online. The web hosting industry in general is highly competitive and effectively tailored to provide you with a solution to your needs. All Linux hosting types come equipped with options to help users get the best from their hosting experience.

CentOS is one of the most popular of all the Linux platforms. It has a large community of users and a good reputation for performance. It was developed by Red Hat enterprises and is free software. There are many online communities dedicated in working together to address any queries.

Ubuntu is free software. Its name is based on the South African word and is the most popular readily available version of Linux. It is free and easy to install and comes with everything one needs to effectively manage a webhosting server.

Kubuntu is similar to Ubuntu and can be operated with the same features. It was created for both the individual user and company users. It was created after Ubuntu and has a large community of users online.

Debian is the newest type of Linux web hosting software. It follows a similar architecture to earlier Linus software and shares an online community. It can be used as a desktop platform and as a webhosting server. It uses Linux kernel and GNU OS tools. Debian makes use of the GNOME, which runs on the desktop platform and helps the operating system manage files and select appropriate software for better file management. The GNOME is also open source software and is easily obtainable. It was designed by programmers to allow for better performance and for ‘open source’ software sharing to be readily available.  It is compatible with Linux and forms part of the Java platform.

Better Websites with Linux

Using Linux hosting for your website will allow you to purchase free open source software that is reliable and secure. Windows is more expensive to set up and is not monitored as closely by an online community. Most viruses are designed with Windows in mind; therefore, there are fewer risks to the Linux user. Linux is very functional and is developing more and more everyday with an enormity of users and programmers keeping constant tabs on how the software is working. Some technologies are not compatible with Linux such as ASP, FrontPage, NET environment, Windows Streaming media, and MSSQL.

If you are a Windows user you may still use a Linux hosting server. This will depend on what technologies you want to use on your site, however. Users should check the limits and expectations of their current web design to see if it is compatible with Linux hosting. Both Linux and Windows support PHP and MySQL.

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